Lilac Pearl Stretch Bracelets Set


*** LAST SET *** Lilac Pearl Stretch Bracelets

Available in the sweetest shade of pale violet, these set of 3 stretch bracelets makes a perfect gift! Each bracelet is hand strung patiently with thirty or more faux pearls, onto two strands of elastic cord, and secured tightly with knots.

Since these 3 bracelets are not tied up together, you can choose to wear them individually, mix and match with other colors, or stack on all 3 on a single wrist as pictured. These helps you to change your look for different outfits.


Each stretch bead bracelet measures around 7 inches, and fits comfortably and snug on an average adult female wrist size of 7 inches. Since one size fits all, there is no fussing about confirming wrist sizes when buying these bracelets as bridesmaid gifts or Christmas presents for your girlfriends. The bracelets will fit slightly loose on smaller wrist sizes and can stretch to fit larger wrist sizes.

Materials Used

  • Light purple color faux pearl beads
  • Elastic cord


SGD 20 for a set of 3 bracelets (note: last set left!)

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